Web Design and Development

I plan, design and program beautiful, functional websites. I also support and develop existing websites.

Whether your site needs to be responsive and optimised for mobile browsers, accessible to the disabled, or to meet any other special requirements, I’ll glad be to help.

If you need something more extensive like a webshop, a discussion forum, or a multi-domain website, I’ll be happy to provide references to similar projects.

And whether you have a clear idea of how your website should look or not, we’ll work together to create a design that fits.

Joomla and WordPress

Joomla and WordPress are the two most popular (CMS) content management systems worldwide. Both are open source, stable and secure and can be used for almost any kind of website.

In the last five years I’ve worked on over 50 different sites built with Joomla or WordPress. In fact the website that you’re looking at right now was built with WordPress.

I help companies with every aspect of either CMS, as well as designing and programming custom templates.

I also develop and program CMS modules and extensions and provide support websites.

Online Advertising

Google Adwords targets users by the search words or phrases they have entered, and on partner websites based upon the contect and context of the page.

Facebook Ads targets users demographically based upon factors such as their age, location, and of course the pages and people they have liked on Facebook.

Adwords Qualified ProfessionalI set up and manage online advertising campaigns to help companies reach their target audience effectively and efficiently in order to generate new business and sales.

I also review and optimise existing campaigns and am certified by Google as an Adwords qualified professional.

Marketing for Online Businesses

I also provide a variety of services to help make eCommerce websites more effective and more efficient.

Conversion optimisation is about fine-tuning the content, layout and design of your website to increase the chance that a visitor to your site will decide to buy your service or product.

Email newsletter campaigns can be an effective way build a relationship with your customers and to drive sales through special offers and other marketing ideas.

Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ offer yet another channel to interact with a target audience. I help companies understand and use of these communication channels effectively.